All the classes taught by Jaya Gupta are based on the teachings of Structural Yoga Therapy and Integral Yoga (combination of Hatha, Raja, Karma, Bhakti, Japa and Jnana yoga). At these classes you not only learn poses but get a deeper knowledge of your body, make yourself flexible and strong and harmonize mind, body and spirit. 

Class Type:Multi-level yoga at IYCC Princeton
Session :    
Thursdays 10:00AM to11:30AM           
301 North Harrison St. Bldg. A, Suit 2E, Princeton, NJ 08540

Princeton Integral Yoga Community Center (IYCC)

Website:  or Call for more Info:  732-274-2410

For Regencyat Monroe residents only at the Club House
Beginners yoga            
Monday        11:15 to 12:30
Meditation/Chair yoga 
Wednesday   10:30 to 12:00

To register for private sessions, please contact Jaya Gupta at or call 732-521-0298.

Private Sessions


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Private One-on-One Yoga Therapy Sessions

Rather than prescribe treatments, yoga invites presence, participation, personal transformation, and long-term well-being through partnership with a Yoga Therapist. The only thingone must bringto the private sessions is motivation to want to feel better and dedication to practice at least four-five times per week.

Step One - Initial Complimentary Phone Consultation

An initial phone consultation begins the process of getting to know concerns, needs, inspirations and health goals. This process brings comfort to the impending relationship between Therapist and client and begins the process of developing a shared vision for healing.

Step Two - Assessment Sessions ( 2 One Hour Sessions - $140)

Following the initial phone consultation, an extensive in person Assessment takes place. The first session consists of several components depending on client needs including an in-depth interview, postural, spine, gait and breath analysis, sacroiliac stability evaluation and range of motion testing.

The second session consists of muscle strength testing. Simple movement therapy (asana) or breathwork (pranayama) and relaxation techniques are discussed and preliminary dietary and lifestyle modifications are recommended and given to the client at the end of the second session.  

Because most clients come seeking pain relief, this is a primary focus during Session Two. Therapies to reduce inflammation, pain and worry, and increase healing circulation and relaxation are considered a priority during the development stages of a Yoga Therapy program. In addition, the understanding and correcting of habitual movements that can be the cause of pain are explored. These two sessions can be combined into one session.

Step Three - Comprehensive Personalized Home Program Session, (60 Minute Session - $70)

Based on findings from Session Two, a personalized Yoga Therapy program is recommended. During Session Three, the client practices an agreed-upon, personalized program and a detailed handout is given for home practice. Complimentary e-mail consultations are encouraged during the initial stages of home practice so that the client feels comfortable and confident with their program.

Session Three incorporates many of the same therapies introduced during the Assessment Session with emphasis on bringing balance and vitality to areas in need. When combined with Pranayama (breathing practices), this approach can lead to freeing of stuck prana (life energy) and decrease pain and discomfort in the body. Because we are multidimensional beings, all aspects of the client's well being are considered as an integral part of the healing process.

Step Four - On the Mend - Refinement of the Home Program (60 Minute Session - $70)

Normally three or four private sessions later, client and Therapist meet to evaluate the program. Progress is reviewed, changes are made and a new detailed road-to-wellness program is established for continued home practice.

Session Four is a fortifying process, where the focus lies on strengthening areas of weakness at the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and wisdom levels, bringing the whole person into balance.

Health Maintenance - Follow up Sessions (60 Minute Session - $70)

After 4th session client and therapist can decide to meet for weekly, bi-monthly, once a month or at least a quarterly basis to maintain lasting wellness.  

Payment saving - Book Three Structural Yoga™ Therapy Sessions at the onset of your Yoga Therapy process and receive a $30 savings.

Private Session Information & Policies
Dress in comfortable clothing, come relaxed and well-hydrated.
Client is responsible for payment of private sessions missed or canceled with less than 24-hour notice unless there is an emergency.